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Collaborent supports people, organizations, and businesses in navigating important decision-making processes and related conflicts. We do this by facilitating collaborative dialogue and dispute resolution processes. We ensure client engagement and communication build a foundation for achieving practical and implementable solutions, sustainable agreements, and action plans.


Approach & Philosophy


We assess, evaluate, and determine with you the service you need to support the long-term success of your business or organization. We work with you in solving the existing problem and creating strategies for avoiding the same or similar problems in the future. Our goal is to transfer and embed our expertise within your organizational culture. In this way, you become better able to meet future challenges and capitalize on opportunities.



Some of the ways we succeed:
  • Get people engaged in the process and committed to “making a difference”

  • Create an emotionally intelligent culture in which people take responsibility for their choices and become self-accountable for outcomes and results

  • Move people from finger-pointing to problem-solving, from animosity to collegiality, from resistance to advocacy

  • Instill in people the awareness of their own capacity to do what needs to be done, revealing a direct route to rise above the fray and freeing people to optimize their contribution to the task at hand

Our Commitment to You

Before beginning an engagement, we have early conversations with you to explore if we are the right fit for working together. From our perspective this is a co-selection process in which everyone needs to have a high level of commitment in order to succeed. 

Our Company

Collaborent LLC is a woman-owned small business headquartered in the Greater Denver Area of Colorado, doing business nationally, internationally, and by phone and videoconferencing. Formed in 2013, our business is founded upon our values of equanimity, excellence, integrity, synergism, and truth.  The name of our company, Collaborent, comes from the Latin word for "collaborate" or "collaborator".



  • Facilitation

  • Consensus Building

  • Mediation & Negotiation

  • Action Planning

  • Coaching

  • Organizational Development

A Word on Conflict

The Chinese character for 'conflict' is danger plus opportunity. We see conflict as an opportunity to see and actualize potential. Conflict is a normal part of intense and passionate interactions, and it is the signal that something needs attention. We believe that if the attention given is optimizing and catalyzing, the originating conflict can serve to reveal new and exciting opportunities.

© 2021 Collaborent LLC

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